A movie I like very much, the black and white tone and square composition are very depressing. I think the poster designed for this movie blends the atmosphere of Cthulhu, and I also want him to look retro.


The curiosity of modern society often leads to disasters. At the same time, because of the current epidemic, many people have had an apocalyptic plot. I think this is a motivation for me to create this work.


Doctor Bird's Beak originated during the Black Death, but under the horrible appearance, it brought people hope. I think the effect of this contrast will be very strong.
(This work was published in the 58th issue of creative quarterly magazine)


This is a Japanese style illustration. Mars means chaos in Chinese culture and at the same time brings people unlimited possibilities.


This illustration I want to express my reflection on World War II, which is known to be the cruelest war in human history. This illustration I want to describe a kind of horror atmosphere, that is, what would happen to the world if World War II did not stop.


Fishtail Navy is a sci-fi style illustration, what I want to express is also a kind of conflict. Technology is flooding the future, but it has not created a good future for biology. Therefore, in my design, I made living things the power source of machines to express that other living things cannot be ignored in the future of mankind.

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